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Our Party Packages

Bringing magic to life.

A.Star's Parties and Events provide prestige character entertainment for children's parties and events across Sussex and Surrey. 

Professional singers and actors on the team.

Exceptional quality costumes. 

DBS Checked

A loyalty programme for returning customers. ​

We offer various Princesses, Princes, Fairies and upon request, Superheroes. Our characters are perfect entertainment for children's birthday parties as well as entertainment for weddings, charity events, family festivals and much more. And a variety of packages suitable for all to enjoy. 

What do we offer?

The Royal Pop-in Package:

Our 30 minute Royal Pop in Package offers a Princess (or 2) of your child's choice popping in for a meet 'n' greet experience at their party.
It's a lovely experience that gives the children a chance to have photos with the Princesses, hear some of their stories and play a game. 
This is an excellent option for smaller parties (4-10 children), younger children and parties with other entertainment there. 


£70 (1 character)

£120 (2 characters)

Payment plan options to make our services more accessible.

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The Silver Package:

Our Silver Package offers a Princess (or 2) of your child's choice, joining them for 1 hour at their party.
It's an exciting experience that offers the chance for photos with the Princesses, some games such as musical thrones, Princess training and story time. 
This package is the perfect length for younger children (between 2-4 years old), and can be used as the sole entertainment for a party, or just a wonderful addition.
£100 (1 character)
£180 (2 characters)
(Payment plans are available for all 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour Party Packages)

The Gold Package:

Our Gold Package includes a Princess (or 2) joining your child's party for 90 minutes. 
This package offers the same as our other packages but allows more time for games, and the use of our exciting indoor parachute tent, which is fun for everyone to enjoy. 
£150 (1 character)
£230 (2 characters) 
 (Payment plans are available for all 1 hour,
90 minute and 2 hour Party Packages)
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The Deluxe Package: 
Our Deluxe Package offers everything our other packages do, and more. For 2 hours of entertainment this package is wonderful for the sole entertainment at a party. In addition to what our other packages offer, we can provide various other services upon request, such as:  arts 'n' crafts, pass the parcel, a bubble machine (for outdoor use only), competitions or even just play more exciting games!
£200 (1 Character)
£280 (2 Characters)
 (Payment plans are available for all 1 hour,
90 minute and 2 hour Party Packages)

The  Princess Pamper Package: 

This package is new to us in 2019. The character of your child's choice, joins them for a 2 hour party where the Princesses can paint nails, braid hair, make Princess Crowns with the children, and tell them one of their many adventures.

Available for either daytime, or a slumber party themed party.

While we offer just one character for this package, we recommend that it better run with 2 characters present.



£240 (1 Character, max. 10 children per party) 

£330 (2 characters, max. 15 children per party) 

(Note: We are happy to provide entertainment for various areas in England, however any events outside of the Sussex area, may be subject to an additional travel fee.)

At A.Star's we never forget our customers, and are proud to go above and beyond just providing our party service, so we are delighted to offer a free personalised greeting video message to your child for their birthday the following year, or at Christmas.

For parties wanting more than 2 actors, or for longer than the listed times, prices are discussed individually. 

We don't feel our services should be limited to location, so we also offer the option to provide entertainment further afield, but travel fees may apply. Any services provided within Sussex and Surrey are without a travel fee.

Add-ons (for character parties):

-Magical Character Pen Pals

- Character Skype calls

-Pass the parcel

Any of our character add-on experiences can be done with or without a party/event booked too. Many use this just as a way to give their children that little treat when they've been good, or to celebrate other occasions. 

Non-Character Parties:

We also provide parties non-character parties. Where we can host and entertain for a party: providing games, karaoke, competitions, pass the parcel etc...

These parties are excellent for older children, aged 7-11 years old. 


1 hour- £100 (1 host) £150 (2 hosts) 

2 hours - £180(1 host) £240 (2 hosts)

 NOTE: All Parties will require a deposit upon booking. If we do not receive a deposit we cannot guarantee your booking and will not be responsible for any disappointment. 

We have no hidden charges, all prices include VAT.

Should you require more than 2 characters for any one event then please feel free to contact us for a quote.