At A.Star's it is of the upmost importance that we provide the best service possible to you and your family. We provide these services to create a truly magical experience. They can be used as an add-on to a party as an individual service. 

Video Calls:

A very popular service of our is our character skype calls. For this we offer a 20 minute skype/facetime/whatsapp call with your child's desired character. 

This service can be used as an add-on to a party either before or after for just £10. Or it can be used as an experience of its own, for just £20. 

Along with this service we will provide a complimentary autograph signed by the chosen character to be sent in the post straight to your child for a keepsake. 

This is such a lovely experience and it has guaranteed to thrill and amaze your little one. 

For a personalised pre-recorded message, it is £10. 

Character Pen-Pals: 

Writing letters is something that is unfortunately becoming less common in todays world. Well, with some of our Princesses and other characters originating from as early as the 19th century, we felt we had to keep up the beautiful tradition of letter writing for them. 

So we offer a service like no other. How wonderful would it be for your child to have a regular pen-pal relationship with a princess? Or even just a letter mid-year or before their birthday or Christmas?


For a one off letter experience it's £10 (including first class postage). For an extra £2 we will include a signed professional portrait of the character pen pal. 

We also offer a monthly payment scheme for a letter a month, which can be paid monthly for £6 or for £60 for the year (12 letters, 1 every month). 

Tea with Royalty.

We often find that some children are very eager to meet our characters, but might not be keen on birthday parties or big events. We are pleased to offer a 30 minute meet'n' greet with your child, that involves us coming to your home or to a cafe to have tea with them.  

This service is just £70. It can be used for up to 6 children in any one group and involves tea with a princess, a royal curtsey lesson and a chance for a story book reading. 

Movie time!

You're hosting a children's sleepover party and you're unsure how to entertain them? Or just needing a change to that Saturday evening movie night where you watch 'that' movie for the 15th time this week? Well why don't you invite one of our Princesses along! 

What an amazing memory for your child, movie time with their favourite Princess!

This service is available from £150.

Contact us to find out more. 

(Note: Princesses are not available for an overnight stay!)