Our Characters

We offer many character's at A.Star's, and are always working on someone new! Here we feature a selection of our most popular and recent characters. It is important to us that all of our characters are completely magical, and deeply believe that it is about the quality of the characters, not the quantity available. 

New character's COMING SOON! 

Keep an eye out for our new Unicorn Princess, Woodland and Moonlight Fairies, and the Pirate King. Enquire now, these characters may be available for your up-coming event. 

The Team

We have many people on board the A.Star's team, and these are some of the many friendly faces you will see at your parties and events. 

(If you see any of these faces at your child's party, while they are being friends with their magical character's, please do not call out their names. They will not break character under any circumstance, as this spoil's the magic.)

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NOTE: A.Star Parties and Events, does not have any affiliation with any other character entertainment companies or businesses. Any resemblance to any real or fictional  characters are purely coincidental.