A.Star Parties and Events Terms and Conditions 


Please note that A.Star Parties and Events is in no way licensed, endorsed or connected in any way with any third party including The Walt Disney Company or any of its partners, subsidiaries or affiliates. All the A.Star’s Parties and Events activities, entertainment shows and birthday parties are hosted by all of our exceptionally talented, fun, friendly, experienced and professional performers and their hosts, using some of the best quality licensed materials which are indicated by the manufacturer as suitable for the age group of the child participants. Characters are based upon their fairy tale, historical and reality personas and any resemblance to copyrighted characters is purely coincidental. All of our costumes are professionally custom made and differ from copyrighted characters. No infringement of any Copyright or Trademark is envisaged or intended.


Social media and advertisement:

1.) Any social media promotion or advertisements in any form, being used for events where our services are being used MUST NOT include names of trademarked characters from companies of which we are not affiliated (ie: Walt Disney Company). Any names for our characters must be the ones we provide on our website, any photographs must be ones we have provided, or approved. 

2.) Any misuse of A.Star Parties and Events company name, photographs or characters, will allow us the right to refuse service, and potentially take the matter further. 

3.) Any social media tags or hashtags used for personal use (ie: after a party) or for promotion and advertisements, must use our characters true names (refer to our website) and again not attempt to link us with a company of which we are not affiliated. 

Booking Terms and Conditions:

1.) These terms and conditions will be deemed wholly accepted as read, understood and agreed once a booking party has confirmed in writing via email with reference to these terms and conditions, that they wish to proceed with the booking and have made payment for the same.

2.) For all of our packages a non-refundable booking fee will be required to secure your chosen party date and time. The booking fee amount depends on the party package booked and is at the sole-discretion of A.Star’s Parties and Events.  The non-refundable booking fee must be paid for within 3 working days of booking unless otherwise arranged in advance with A.Star Parties and Events.  The remaining balance is due 48 hours before the the party/event date. We do not except cash in hand. PayPal or Bacs are currently the only forms of payment accepted.

3.) We currently offer payment plans for all 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour parties/events, which can (within reason) be catered to you,  provided that full payment is received 48 hours before the party/event. 

4.) Parties booked 7 days or less in advance must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Date and time subject to availability and up to our own discretion.

5.) A travel fee will be required if the party or event location is outside a radius of the Sussex and Surrey area. 

6.) We are happy to consider bookings lasting longer than our 2 hour packages, but we have the right to turn down bookings, should we find the length questions our Entertainers welfare. 

7.) If a customer is booking for somebody else’s child and that child’s Guardians bring the child then it is up to the customer who is booking to ensure that these terms and conditions have been brought to the attention of that child’s Guardians before they attend. In addition, if a booking customer is bringing children who are not their own, then that customer is deemed to be their Guardian and fully responsible for the children that he or she brings.

8.) A.Star Parties and Events will not attend parties/events where characters from other companies are present, unless previously agreed. This can sometimes have a negative impact on our business, should the other companies characters not be up to standard. We have the right to refuse booking or leave an event if this happens. 


Pricing policy

1.) A.Star Parties and Events hold the right to change any pricing on their website either up or down at any given time. The price that you pay is always confirmed in an email/message from us and you will always pay what we quote to you directly in our correspondence so if our pricing does for example go up after we have confirmed a price with you in an email/message then you will still pay what was quoted to you provided that your booking fee is paid within 3 days of that quote.

Cancellation Policy:

1.) All booking fees are non-refundable. If you must change the date of your party then please try to do so as early as possible so we can reschedule another date and time for your character party; all new dates subject to availability. 

2.) We require 14 days notice for any cancellations or rearrangements, for any payments, excluding the non-refundable fee, to be returned to you. Non-refundable fee’s, are strictly non-refundable. 

3.) If cancelled less than 48hrs before the day of the party then the date is non-exchangeable and will not be rescheduled.


Illness Policy:

1.) We know that “life” happens, especially with little Birthday Boys and Girls. If he or she becomes ill and the party must be cancelled then we will work with you to find an alternative party date, based on availability and this may be subject to an extra charge. Please provide a 24 hour notice of illness, if possible. In some cases a doctors note will be needed as proof of illness.

2.) “Life” also happens with our character entertainers.  In the very rare case that A.Star Parties and Events are unable to conduct your Party due to circumstances beyond our control, then and only then will your booking fee be refunded.

3.) Should a child be ill whilst at the party, Guardians must ensure that they leave the Venue immediately for risk of infection to other children. If a child is ill prior to attending, we respectfully request that the Guardians act responsibly and do not attend that day, to ensure that other children do not catch any illnesses or communicable diseases or viruses. This includes such conditions as head lice and anything that may be passed from one child to another.


Character Performer Policy

1.) All of our performers are experienced and professional, and represent any of the characters we assign them with very well. We do not take specific requests for certain performers for parties/events, due to availability.  We do not guarantee your party will be hosted by any specific performer you have seen, but guarantee a quality performer and look-alike for the character chosen.

2.) In the unlikely event that a performer or character is unable to attend at short notice due to circumstances beyond their or our control then A.Star Parties and Events reserves the right to substitute a different performer or character or refund that performer's cost.


Party guest Policy:

1.) All of our packages have a maximum number of guests, which can be discussed upon booking. The number of guests include anyone taking part between the ages of 18 months-11 years old. We generally have 20 children to every performer, should there be more than this, unless agreed otherwise, another performer may be required. 

2.) If upon arrival there are more guests than intended and expected by your entertainer(s) and are over the total guest amount then an extra charge of £5 a head will incur.

Health and Safety Policy:

1.) Our main priority is the safety of our performers. If during the party/event, our entertainers are made to feel uncomfortable, unsafe or in danger at any point during their visit, they have the right to leave immediately. 

2.) It is the responsibility of the responsible Guardians to advise the A.Star Parties and Events Representative of any allergies or medical conditions relating to any of the activities, equipment, consumables, décor, accessories, face painting products or food and beverage (hereinafter "items") used at the parties or events. A.Star Parties and Events accepts no liability or responsibility for any adverse reaction to any of the items and Guardians should use their own discretion when allowing their children to use or consume such items. 

3.) In the event of any accident, professional medical advice must be sought immediately.

4.) For various reasons (including hygiene, consent and comfortability), our performers will only give 'hugs' to the children or hold hands during games (should both the child and entertainer be comfortable and consenting). Under no circumstances will a performer have any physical contact aside from the ones listed, any request from parents to do otherwise will be refused. 

Equipment and consumables: 

1.) All equipment and consumables are suitable for children over 3 years of age as recommended by the manufacturers. 

2.) No sharps (ie Scissors) will be used in the activities. 

3.) If any children under 3 years of age are attending then the booking party and the guardians of those children will be required to take full responsibility and liability for the monitoring of those children. 

4.) All activities, equipment, materials, gifts and consumables are recommended for a minimum age of 3 years and certain food and beverage items may be unsuitable for younger children, therefore guardians will need to ensure that they supervise and agree to their usage. 

5.) For Events, the same policy herein applies and each Guardian by booking and attending an event, will have read and understood these terms and conditions and hereby agrees to them in their entirety.

6.) If play parachutes are used, Guardians must be available at all times with the party or event booker to ensure that no child is left alone in the parachute and that parachutes are not placed over the head or wrapped around any child at any time. Parachutes should not be used to throw children up in the air and must be used responsibly as supervised by the booker and attending Guardians.

7.) Any damage to A.Star Parties and Events equipment or costumes will be chargeable at an appropriate amount for repairs or replacement. Any items which are lost or taken by a child, including costumes and accessories will be charged to the booker.

Accident or Damage Policy:

1.) Our entertainers are not liable for any damages or injuries that may occur at any particular party or event.

1.2.) A.Star Parties and Events aim to provide a safe and fun environment for children however does not accept any responsibility or liability for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of playing with items or for children slipping, tripping, falling and bumping into other children or items during the party/event.

Behaviour problems Policy:

1.) Whilst at the party, children will interact with and watch the Performers for the duration of the party or event, however it is the responsibility of the attending Guardians to ensure that their children are not overly disruptive or acting inappropriately. In the case of such behaviour, the Guardians will be notified immediately and if necessary the Guardians will need to escort the child from the room for the rest of the party or event. For persistent behavioural problems leading to disruption A.Star Parties and Events reserves the right to refuse admission to one of our parties or events 

2.) If any issues do arise then it is the parent or guardians sole responsibility to issue any discipline and deal with any disruptive behaviour.

3.) Should the behaviour problems lie with any of the adults present, making our entertainers uncomfortable or putting them in danger, A.Star Parties and Events entertainers have the right to leave the event immediately, and will not provide a full refund. 

4.) A.Star Parties and Events therefore does not accept any unruly, disruptive, unreasonable, offensive or aggressive behaviour or communication to its staff and performers whether before, during or after events. 

5.) In the event that a customer acts in this manner before an event then A.Star Parties and Events reserves the right at its discretion to refund the customer in full and to decline any existing and future bookings. 

6.) In the event that a customer acts in this manner during or after an event then A.Star Parties and Events reserves the right to decline any future bookings.

No-Smoking Policy:

1.) We have a strict no-smoking policy, for indoor events. Should our entertainers find that there is smoking at the party/event, they have the right to leave. This isn’t just to prevent the scent damage to our costumes but for the health of our entertainers, and their safety in the costumes, as some costumes may be highly flammable.

Venue policy:

1.) Anything booked, either in a hall or a house is the sole liability and responsibility of the Customer including Venue hire and conditions, Health and Safety, activities and items, delivery and transportation. Any Venue hired by the Booking Party for A.Star Parties and Events must be of a commercial and suitable nature with a changing area for the Performers and sufficient public liability insurance. 

Weather Conditions Policy:

1.) We require that any outdoor events during Summer months, have shelter or outdoor cover for our Entertainers, with access to drinking water for events lasting longer than 60 minutes. 

2.) We cannot provide entertainment outside when it is raining or with any extreme weather conditions, if this occurs, we will happily rearrange, but strongly suggest any event always have cover available for our Entertainers and their costumes.


Parent/guardian policy:

1.) Parents or the responsible adults they have placed in charge of their children (herein after jointly referred to as "Guardians") must be present at the party at all times. 

2.)Guardians must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

3.) Guardians must not leave their children whilst a party or event is going on. 

4.) A.Star Parties and Events are Entertainers and are not able or permitted to offer any child minding services or to take responsibility for the welfare of any children, which remains the sole responsibility of the children's Guardians. 

5.) In addition to being responsible for their children whilst inside at the party, Guardians are obliged to satisfy themselves that the equipment and activities are suitable for their children. 

6.) A.Star Parties and Events are a child entertainment company with a Character theme and should not be confused with a childcare facility.

7.) Guardians are advised to be vigilant in ensuring that their child is present and not in distress at all times.

Permissions, Consents and Release of Liability: 

1.) The entire terms and conditions contained herein will be deemed wholly accepted once you have responded in writing via email. For those provisions contained herein which require the booking party to gain any consent, permission or understanding of the Guardians of any attending children, the booking party accepts full liability and responsibility and will ensure that they procure the same from the Guardians of the attending children.


Permission for the use of photographs and recorded images in parties:

1.) A.Star Parties and Events will always ask the parents/guardians if they are happy for us to share their child or group photos on our social media sites. Therefore will always ask them to email over photos they are happy for us to use. If these photos contain children that are not their own, it is their responsibly to get permission from parents or guardians. A.Star Parties and Events will not be held responsible for sharing any photos which have been sent to us to use by parents as they should have previously been granted permission. A.Star Parties and Events understand not all parents are willing to share photos therefore we are more than happy not to share any.

2.) Photos will in no way be used to create merchandise or to sell to the public, only to promote and show potential customers a true representation of what they can expect when booking with us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to ask.

Children under the age of 3 years old:

The booking party warrants, confirms, acknowledges and agrees that any children under the age of 3 years old who will be attending the party/event are below the Manufacturer’s recommended age for activities and equipment of 3 years old and that all Guardians of attending children under the age of 3 years old have been shown these terms and conditions and accept them in their entirety. The booking party will (and will procure that Guardians of children under the age of 3 years old will)…

  1. Understand that the items as defined herein used during the Birthday party or event for which those children under 3 years old are attending may not be suitable.

  2. Irrevocably and unconditionally waive all rights which they may have in respect of the content of the party or event and items used therein.

  3. Hereby confirm that under no circumstances will they hold the organisers or owners of A.Star Parties and Events liable for any injury or claim relating to their child’s participation in the activities, consumption or usage of the items thereof, in the knowledge that they are allowing their children to participate at an age below the recommended activities and Manufacturer’s age limit of 3 years old.

  4. Hereby confirm that they will be present at the Birthday party or event and that they will personally ensure that they satisfy themselves with the items relating to the suitability of the same for their children and take complete responsibility for the welfare of their children with respect to the items used.

Responsible Adults accompanying children:

The booking party warrants, confirms, acknowledges and agrees that any children who will be attending an event or party accompanied by anybody other than their Guardians will have an accompanying responsible adult's details communicated to A.Star Parties and Events in advance and that both the Guardians and responsible adult have been shown these terms and conditions and accept them in their entirety.

The booking party will (and will procure that any Guardians will)…

  1. Warrant, confirm, acknowledge and agree that their child will be attending the party/event and that he or she will be brought and accompanied by a responsible adult who will be his/her guardian in charge of his/her welfare during the event or party

  2. Confirm that the responsible adult named is well known to them and they irrevocably and unconditionally consent for the responsible adult named to be fully responsible and liable for their children whilst attending the event or party. 

  3. Understand and have read all of the terms and conditions and confirm that the responsible adult has done so as well.

  4. Hereby confirm that under no circumstances will they hold the organisers or owners of A.Star Parties and Events liable for anything whilst their children are under the care of the responsible adult, who accepts full responsibility for the care of their children and understand that A.Star Parties and Events is an entertainment service and does not provide child‐minding services whatsoever.

  5. Hereby confirm that the responsible adult named will be present at the party or event and that they will personally ensure on their behalf that they are satisfied with the items used relating to the suitability of the same for their children and take complete responsibility for the welfare of their children with respect to the items.

These terms and conditions and all contractual bookings shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.