June's Monthly Message:

June is Pride month, and to us, this translates as the month of love and equality!

Spoiler alert: In many romantic fairytales, it ends with the main character having their happily ever after with their true love. Fairytales and romance novels throughout history, teach us that true love is unpredictable, we can't help who we fall in love with. And for a very long time and even in many places today, the idea of 'true love' is not accepted for everyone. In what world could people be told they don't deserve their fairytale ending? They don't deserve to be in love? Or that their love is 'wrong'?

For many years now, the LGBT community have held their annual Pride Parades which essentially supports that LOVE IS LOVE. At A.Star's we deeply support the LGBT community and celebrate Equality in Love for every person. We all deserve our fairytale ending.

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