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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Growing up with a passion for fairytales and magic, as a child Anastasia always enjoyed the chance to dress up as her favourite fairytale and superhero characters, and this never really changed.

She always found herself leaping at the opportunity to host a fancy dress party, be it for Halloween, or for no reason at all. And finally, in 2015 she was introduced to the world of cosplay. This was something she hadn't heard of before and it was exciting and somewhat a relief to find she wasn't the only one! There was a whole community of people who spent their spare time and money on costumes and props to recreate their favourite characters. And so it began.

In 2017, after working for another entertainment company for a few months, and witnessing the joy fairytale characters can bring to adults and children alike, she decided that this was the path for her. At just 19, Anastasia took the leap to start her very own business, A.Star Parties and Events (formerly A.Star Character Parties). Funding from her own pocket to start with, Anastasia and friends would voluntarily attend events for school fair's and charities such as St.Barnabas, Jamie's Trust and many more.

With the support of the community and help from her like-minded friends and family, A.Star's transformed into the company it is today. Along the way we have recruited incredible new talent for the company, and have joined forces with superb multi-talented professionals from the performing arts industry to ensure top-class entertainment and costumery for each and every party and event we are a part of.

We continue to flourish, while often introducing exciting new characters to our family, offering everyone from our Tower Princess, to forest Pixies, pirate kings, to superhero's. And still we are always creating more.

We look forward to many more years of making dreams come true. ​

​Magical wishes,

All at A.Star's Parties and Events

The business founder, Anastasia

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NOTE: A.Star Parties and Events, does not have any affiliation with any other character entertainment companies or businesses. Any resemblance to any real or fictional  characters are purely coincidental.