We are learning British Sign Language (BSL)!

After going to many 'Sing and Sign' baby classes with her Niece, Imogen, Anastasia was not only beginning to love the feeling of understanding what Imogen wanted to say to her, and being able to communicate with her at an extraordinary level when she is just 11 months old, but she was realising how quick it can be picked up and started to use sign in her day to day life.

Often finding ourselves meeting children who use British Sign Language as one or their only way of communication, we realised we were not up to the standard we wished we were. We want our character's and services to be accessible to as many people as possible, and learning sign is a big step forward for us. While we are still in the early days of learning, we are taking active measures to improve and can already understand many day-to-day signs.

Learning sign makes us accessible, to not only the deaf community, but to children and family members on the autistic spectrum or with other physical and mental disabilities who use it to help with communication. This is greatly important to us, and we are very excited to be making this positive change in the right direction.

We love to support local businesses: and highly recommend 'Sing and Sign' classes to anyone with a young baby or toddler. It is truly magical, as it enables babies to communicate their feelings to their families when they do not yet have the ability to speak. It's a fun chance to bond with your baby and a great social class too. Mum's, Dad's (and aunties) welcome. For more information on their service, visit:


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